How to Avoid Scams

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How to Avoid Scams – Simple Ways to Stay Out of Trouble

What To Look For So You Don’t Get Taken

As soon as you start looking for opportunities to work at home, you will see that the scammers are out and it’s your responsibility to learn how to avoid scams!

It seems like they’re everywhere!

Quite often, they are online because there they can remain anonymous, it’s easy to set up a scam, and often, they can take your money and run without being discovered.

And they’re usually very slick. Their pitch sounds so real, so inviting, and when you hear it you are absolutely sure you can make money.

That’s one of the most important points, if it seems like an exceptional deal with little or no effort from you … it’s a scam.

There is NO Get Rich Quick.

Building a business is work. There’s no way around it.

It can often be very enjoyable work but no one has ever been successful without a lot of work.

There is no way to make astronomical amounts of money in 24 hours and no one has the “key to your future.”

Only you can build your future.

There are very, very few “work at home” opportunities that are legitimate.

If you are thinking about trying envelope stuffing, medical billing, or home assembly, don’t do it. It is sure to turn out badly.

There are also websites that you can join to get lists of companies that are hiring home workers.

Most of these companies have simply gone online themselves and gathered the information to sell to you. Most of the time, these sites are not kept up-to-date so much of the information you are buying is already useless.

You will also be wasting your time and that’s the most valuable commodity that you have to sell.

Another red flag is if a company asks you to pay to work for them, they are a scam. You should never have to pay a fee to be hired to do work at home.

Now, I’m not talking about money you might invest to start a home business. I mean if they ask you to pay just to get the job.

Also, check out the offer that is being made to you. Are they actually offering you a job or just study materials to obtain a job?

Keep in mind that after you finish studying, you will still need to find the job yourself.

Be very careful of unsolicited emails offering work-at-home opportunities. These are never good news so don’t fall for their pitch.

Get references from other people working for the company. A legitimate company will be willing to put you in touch with other employees. Ask them a lot of questions and, especially, make sure the company has kept its promises.

Find out if there is really a market for your work. Talk to potential customers to see if they will really buy from you. Don’t get stuck with inventory that you can’t sell.

Check legal requirements in your area. Do you need a license or special education to do this work? Can this kind of work be done from a home? There are some types of production work that are against local zoning requirements.

Be very careful if a potential employer offers you an “advance” on your pay. This is usually a way to get access to your bank account.

Finally, check their refund policy. If they are forcing you to buy coursework or equipment to work for them, is there a way to return it and receive a refund?

All in all, when you decide to work with one of these “opportunities,” you are turning control of your home business over to someone else.

So learn how to avoid scams.

It’s much better to build your own business where you are in control. Then you can be sure that all legal requirements are met and you will handle all of the money.

It will be completely your business and that’s always the safest way to go.

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